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PI Hanne Tønnesen

Smoking cessation intervention (RCT); smoke-free surgery; effectiveness and cost-effectiveness; database and epidemiology; patient driven research; staff competences

Professor, senior physician (psychiatry + surgery)

Lund University, Clinical Health Promotion Centre (Psychiatry Skåne)/ Copenhagen University, Bispebjerg Hospital/WHO.CC HPH

Johanna Adami

Smoking cessation intervention (RCT), epidemiology,  cohort studies of tobacco use, snuff use and life style factors using nationwide registries

Professor (clinical epidemiology)

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Göran Boëthius

Tobacco control intervention     

Associate Professor, Chair Thinktank Tobaksfakta

Jämtland County Council,


Gunilla Bolinder

Tobacco control intervention

Chief physician (medicine)

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Hans Gilljam

Tobacco cessation intervention, telephone quitline research, snus, education & training, policy issues

Professor, senior physician (internal medicine)

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Li Felländer-Tsai

Clinical research, registry base research

Professor, senior physician (orthopedic surgery), head of Clin TECH

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Peter Friberg

Cardioavscular pathophysiology, social determinants of health, psychological stress, life-style interventions

Professor, senior physician (clinical physiology)

Göteborg University, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Björn Klinge

Tobacco and transplantation.

Professor (periodontology), dean, chairman
Research programmes board

Malmö University, Faculty of Odontology

Mats Lambe

Cancer epidemiology, register based research

Professor, Director of Register Section, Regional Cancer Center, Uppsala-Örebro, Sweden

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Matz Larsson

Tobacco research

Researcher in medicine, consultant physician

Örebro University

Mette Rasmussen

Danish Smoking Cessation Database

National coordinator

Copenhagen University, Bispebjerg Hospital, WHO.CC HPH

Tove Sohlberg

Tobacco habits, different ways to quit smoking; unregistered tobacco consumption.
The dissertation project focuses on different paths to become smoke-free with special emphasize on women's experiences.

PhD student (medicine)

Stockholm University,
Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs (SoRAD)

Olle Svensson

Clinical research, registry base research

Professor, senior physician (orthopedic surgery)

Umeå University, Umeå University Hospital

Thordis Thomsen

Preoperative smoking cessation intervention

RN, MHSc, PhD, project co-ordinator (LU) / Associate professor

Lund University,  Clinical Health Promotion Centre / Copenhagen University, Abdominal Centre, Rigshospitalet

Ronny Wickström

Neurobehavioral consequences of exposure to nicotine in utero

Associate professor

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

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