”My core value is not to take any truth for granted and it also characterises my way of teaching. I believe the question, ‘What do we actually know?’, is a great challenge to explore with those I teach. I also think that ‘Confidence is good, evidence is better”

Kaare Stahl Jacobsen, Teacher at Clinical Health Promotion Centre










We teach and train evidence-based health promotion and the methods involved to students and staff on all levels.

We offer several courses in evidence-based health promotion often in collaboration with universities. In addition to our educational activities and courses, we offer PhD supervision and are always happy to welcome study visitors. Through presentations of our department and many fields of activity, we disseminate our Evidence-Based research approach and working procedure. We also develop educational materials on health promotion, such as reports and textbooks. In addition and in relation to our pro-active education strategy, we frequently teach the teachers themselves, in order to further strengthen the knowledge and know-how of evidence-based health promotion in hospitals and health services for key persons working and teaching in the field.



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